Portrait by 杉山聡美 - May 2017

Joshua Cobos

Born July 1987 in Los Angeles, CA. Joshua Cobos is a songwriter, guitarist, photographer, graphic designer, poet, writer and film-maker. He has traveled the United States extensively and ideally would spend his free time in New England or Big Sur. His first pressing of the 2017 art photobook HEAVEN IS HELL sold out shortly after premiering at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair held at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.


Joshua has worked with, shot for, assisted or given exclusive permission to:
Turqouiz Noiz Tour Manager February 2018
Facebook AdColor Event Photography September 2017
Google Prop Stylist Assistant September 2017
BeBoe Editorial Photography Digital Technician September 2017
Dim Mak Collection Photo Assistant September 2017
Tart Collection Photo Assistant August 2017
Sony ATV Photo Assistant August 2017
Hotel Normandie Library Curator March 2017
Heaven Is Hell Book Launch at the LA Art Book Fair at the MOCA Contemporary February 2017
Thump Photo Contributor November 2016
New York Magazine Feature Photographer May 2015
Island Records Photo Assistant May 2015
Funny or Die Stylist Assistant March 2015
Vice Magazine Feature Photographer February 2014

Vice, 23 
Foxes Magazine
New York Magazine
New Musical Express
NAKID Magazine
Beautiful Decay
Huffington Post